if my mood were an outfit

if my mood were an outfit

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Call for Submissions - Menswear!

Hey there followers/visitors/you!

We want YOU - to submit a menswear or menswear-inspired post!

Marie and I don’t usually post outfits with guys in mind, but we certainly appreciate a man (fictional or not) with his own sense of style - Neal Caffrey, Ryan Gosling, Roger Federer, Darren Criss, this guy (Michael Haar), and this one (Sam Lambert), to name just a few.

So the real question is: if you were (or are) a guy, what would (or do) you wear?

- Anj

P.S. Not sure how to submit? Check out how simple it is here. Email questions/concerns/fan mail to ifmymood@gmail.com

All by Myself…

But only for a while! 

The lovely Marie will not be able to post for a few days as she is busy doing fancy-shmancy, jet-set, globe-trot things. That means I’m going to be all alone over here behind the ifmymood dashboard. 

*sad violin*

So this is a cry for help - an emergency flare from a life raft - please send me submissions! 

It’s beyond easy - find four pieces that form an outfit; send me the links (either message ifmymood or send to ifmymood@gmail.com); let your jaw drop when you see your outfit magically appear on the ifmymood Tumblr and Facebook pages!