if my mood were an outfit

if my mood were an outfit

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We have two very exciting announcements here at ifmymood. First, our contests are coming back! We’ll be trying to hold them more regularly from here on out. But even better is the second piece of news - we’re collaborating with Amber Callan of Amberlee Tea for this week’s contest!

Amber goes to school with Marie, and her style was actually featured on ifmymood a few months ago. Her blog showcases her daily outfits, which are fun and full of creative spunk. One of Amber’s latest obsessions is with fluoro accents.

That’s why this contest’s starting piece is this fluoro satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company.

Choose the satchel in any one of the four available colors, then build an outfit around it using any other pieces you can find online! Send us the links to the pieces for your outfit here by Sunday, March 18, 11:59 CST. The three of us (Marie, Anj, and Amber) will choose our favorite to be featured on our blogs. 

For more information about how to submit your entry, check out this page. Good luck, and happy online window shopping! 

All by Myself…

But only for a while! 

The lovely Marie will not be able to post for a few days as she is busy doing fancy-shmancy, jet-set, globe-trot things. That means I’m going to be all alone over here behind the ifmymood dashboard. 

*sad violin*

So this is a cry for help - an emergency flare from a life raft - please send me submissions! 

It’s beyond easy - find four pieces that form an outfit; send me the links (either message ifmymood or send to ifmymood@gmail.com); let your jaw drop when you see your outfit magically appear on the ifmymood Tumblr and Facebook pages!

Styling Opportunity!

Here at ifmymood, we love to style outfits and like to think we’re pretty stylish, and we figure that you, our loyal band of followers, aren’t too different.

So ModCloth’s new “Style It and Win It” contest is just up our proverbial alley! The premise is simple: given a range of ModCloth products, style a dress and (hopefully) win some great prizes - check out the details here: http://blog.modcloth.com/2012/02/06/feb-modstylists-contest/

Oh, and do mention us in your acceptance speech when you win. ;) 

- Anj