if my mood were an outfit

if my mood were an outfit

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The City Mini had been tormenting me for two days - I simply couldn’t decide whether to purchase it, even when the black was on sale and in my size. So I began to look for reviews, and lo and behold, I discovered a great one at The Working Closet, where Susan Wagner had posted photos of herself in different ensembles all built around the skirt (though in an ivory shade). This inspired me to think about the skirt in the same way, i.e. in the context of my own closet - would it work with pieces I already had? Happily, it did, does, and will, whenever I get it in the mail. Until then, I’ve had to content myself with styling it here in two different ways, keeping some of the basic pieces in common. :)

The City Mini in Black - $59.99*

Anchored Boatneck - $78.00

Perennial Peacoat in Saddle - $171.50

Cashmere V-Neck Sweater in Plum Orchard - $168.00

Kisses for Fishes Necklace - $21.99

Silence is Golden Belt - $19.99

Statement of the Art Necklace in Rose - $49.99

Origami Knot Mary Janes - $168.00

Tobacco Cinched Hat in Grey - $78.00 

Color Palette Tights in Black - $13.50

*I used the promo code HOLIDAY even when it wasn’t listed on the website and received nearly $24 off the listed sale price.